Printing Information

Fritz's Fine Art Prints

Fritz's latest limited-edition fine art prints and canvas reproductions are created by a technique called giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay"), using digital ink-jet technology customized specifically for fine art. Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist in permanent ink.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies every limited edition print published by Tom. It is your assurance that it is a legitimate, authentic print.

Care of Giclée Prints

Giclée art is very stable, offering fade and color shift resistance of up to 200 years. Treat them with the same care as any other quality reproduction. Quality, conservation framing by a professional framer is recommended. Stable humidity and light conditions are major factors that determine print life. Do not expose the print to continuous sunlight or an intense, continuous level of artificial light. Control the humidity in the immediate environment. All of Tom's prints are produced with pigment inks, not dye-based inks.

Canvas Prints

Stretched canvas reproductions are not shipped as they are classed as "oversize" and the resulting packaging is heavy and expensive to ship. They are shipped rolled in a tube and, like an original, must be mounted on stretchers on arrival. Any framer can complete this relatively inexpensive process. To facilitate this, a 1 1/2" margin on all four sides is allowed for stretching. Once stretched, the print is framed in the usual manner. Rolling is the safest and least expensive method for shipping, and the savings realized in shipping are far greater than the stretching cost on arrival.

Remarque Information

A remarque is a small original pencil drawing created and signed by the artist in the margin of a limited edition paper print. Because it is unique unto itself, this addition enhances the print's value. Please contact the studio for a quote.

Hand-Embellishment Information

Hand-embellishment is the process wherein the artist will further enhance a print by working directly into the printed image. The result is truly stunning and the finished work is recognized as a unique, one-of-a-kind, mixed-media original. Please contact the studio for a quote.

Delivery Time

Giclée prints are produced one at a time and usually not until they are ordered. For deliveries throughout North America, delivery is usually less than two weeks. Orders shipping within the U.S. are shipped USPS Priority, delivery confirmation signature required. International Orders are shipped Priority. Extra Fees required for UPS or Federal Express.

Ordering Information